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The State of Texas has given residents the “Power to Choose” their electricity provider (http://www.powertochoose.org/_content/_about/index.asp). In order to promote competition and reasonable costs, the State of Texas has allowed residents to decide who they want as their electricity provider since 2002. The deregulation and increased competition has driven down costs of electricity in the area.  

RSTEC member The Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) is a municipally owned utility. It was formally chartered by the City of Brownsville in 1960 to provide electrical, water and wastewater sevices to its customers in the Southernmost part of Texas.    

BPUB provides 46,000 industrial, commerical and residential customers with electric service. BPUB meets and exceeds the City's growing power demand with its diverse electric system consisting of electricity generated at three power plants, additional power produced by distributive generation and active participation in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas ( ERCOT) market. Learn more about BPUB at http://www.brownsville-pub.com   

Water and Waste Water Providers 

In Rio South Texas, all major cities have their own water treatment and waste water treatment plants. Rates vary by entity based on residential or commercial use and the amount of gallons consumed. The availability of various providers in the region serves to keep costs low and promote excellence in service. View the Texas Commission on Enviromental Quality's Water Utility Database at http://www10.tceq.state.tx.us/iwud/#lookup


RSTEC member The Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) has three water treatment plants that have the capacity to provide 47 million gallons of treated water per day. The Board currently has a "Superior" water system as determined in accordance with current TCEQ regulations. 

BPUB has a wastewater treatment system consisting of collection and treatment facilities including gravity wastewater collection lines, 163 pumping stations and two treatment plants. Learn more about BPUB's water and wastewater systems at www.brownsville-pub.com/departments/water-wastewater