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May 11, 2012 - Flying patterns and updates on things happening this past week


Earlier this week, I was reminded of how geese fly in a "V" formation, with one goose in the lead.  You know this one, right?  Well, when that leader gets tired, they usually drop out (with a couple of others to serve as companions) and rest until the another group of geese flies by and they decide to join them.  That "tired" leader is replaced by someone who has been "drafting" and thus is fresher.  The cycle continues until the geese arrive at their destination. 


RSTEC has had its share of leaders take turns:  former Hidalgo County Judge JD Salinas, Bill Martin, Miki McCarthy, and now Rose Benavidez.  The "wingman" to these leaders have been many of the other officers and committee chairs. 


I wanted to say thank you to the ones leading and to the wingmen out there, who for the last 3 years have taken time from their full-time jobs, their families, and their other commitments to share their knowledge, experience, and time with staff and the other members.  But I also wanted to remind others that RSTEC is on a long journey and future wingmen and leaders must get ready now.  This past week's Board meeting had some new faces to the Board.  I'd love to see those new faces at committee meetings.  We don't meet often, so when we do (as we did yesterday), we cover alot in a short time.


And to those who miss the meeting, please read the basecamp material or get with me and we'll catch you up to speed so we can all continue on the same journey.  And the final thought on the geese metaphor, let's find the other leaders looking to join in our journey for a brighter future for our region.  Our members are the best recruiters for new members.  Remember that we have various options for membership available to private and public entities.  Feel free to call me for more information.


The RSTEC Board of Directors meeting was held yesterday at the Edinburg Conference Center at Renaissance.  We had 20 people at the meeting, which is a very good turnout.  We did, however, miss those of you who couldn't be there.  We'll try to post minutes to basecamp as soon as possible.


Some of the highlights of the meeting included updates on the trade shows and industry gatherings in which RSTEC has participated in recently, including WESTEC, IAMC's Spring Forum, and Area Development's The Consultants' Forum - Automotive. 


Chair Rose Benavidez also talked about some of the transportation planning that is taking place at the District Office level and how Mario Jorge would like to address RSTEC.  Rose mentioned that RSTEC could be a driving force in the planning of transportation projects here over the next few years.  So, stay tuned, Mario Jorge may be on our next Board meeting agenda.


Live Xchange, here we come!  The Board approved sponsoring the event for the second year in a row.  More on that later.


The Sites on Texas demographic software license has expired and TWC isn't going to have it available any longer.  So, our website taskforce consisiting of Daniel Silva, Steve Pena, Manuel Ortiz, Vicky Mercado and now Wanda Garza will be looking at options along with staff.  Michael Uhrbrock will also present staff with some other options to Sites on Texas that are available through the Data Center.


The trial run for the banner ads in this electronic publication is over.  The Board approved the proposal from staff, so if you'd like to reach out to the region's top economic development groups and personnel, consider purchasing a banner ad for a week or two.  Ads are only $100 per run.  Call Daniella Villarreal at our office for more information.


In other items this week, Frank Rodriguez, CPA is conducting our FY10-11 financial audit, so that is keeping us busy.


The RSTEC Annual Report, a 12 page summary of some of your highlights for 2011, is now published.  Copies for your use are available at our office.  They make a great addition to the 4 brochures and presentation folder that members use at trade shows.  As a reminder, if you have a need for any of the brochures, let us know and we can get them out to you.  If you have presentation folders that you aren't using, consider getting back to us.  We are OUT and are about to order a couple of thousand more, unless we hear from you soon.


Don't forget to log in to basecamp for the latest calendar of events, and all the background materials handed out during the board meeting.


We also participated in a webinar hosted by Hickey & Associates educating our members on New Market Tax Credits and how to use them to help finance projects here.  If you weren't here for that, stay tuned for the next one.


Have a fantastic weekend, and get some rest - we have some flying to do!