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July 27, 2012 - Planning and Hard Work

Posted: 07/27/2012


 “Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.” - Peter Drucker (1909-2005).
Ah that funny guy, Peter Drucker. Some of us have read some of his 39 books, but I’m sure most of us haven’t. I can tell you that the few things I read from him always dealt with trying to do something better. Planning was important, but results were even more so. Wow, what a concept.
This past week, the Rio South Texas Economic Council’s Marketing Committee met to review progress on this year’s marketing plan, and to look at what to do next year. We have an update on this year’s plan and a synopsis of next year’s plan on basecamp, our file sharing system. If you need access or have forgotten your password to basecamp, drop me an email and I’ll be glad to reset the login for you. Just as a quick run-through on marketing this fiscal year, I’d say RSTEC has been out there shaking the trees for the region.
RSTEC exhibited at ICSC Texas Conference in San Antonio, MD&M West trade show in Anaheim, WESTEC 2012 trade show in Los Angeles, and WindPower 2012 in Atlanta, thus far. We also attended other industry gatherings and events such as Solar Power International in Dallas, Business Facilities’ Live Xchange in San Diego, IAMC’s Spring Forum in Austin, and Area Development’s Consultants’ Forum – Automotive in Atlanta thus far this year. We are attending a trade mission to Chicago with TexasOne next month, and may be at another TexasOne event in September. All but one of these events were in our marketing plan for this year. So, yes, Mr. Drucker our good intentions have degenerated into hard work. 
But wait, there’s more! RSTEC, as you already know, is more than just about going to trade shows and generating leads. We also have had visits from several large prospects in the recent months. Edinburg, McAllen, and Brownsville have been short-listed on three of the prospects that we have visited with since December. All three prospects would like to hire a lot of people – over 200 employees each at minimum. We also visited with several Israeli automotive suppliers in San Antonio along with Bexar County and TMASC (Texas – Mexico Automotive Super Cluster).
Our direct marketing efforts continue to gain momentum. From newsletters and postcards, to membership packets, RSTEC has made an effort to reach out. We’ve placed ads in industry publications, reached out to the media through press releases, and have even started a tradition for our annual meeting in January. 
Next year, as the Marketing Committee concurred, we will do more of the trade shows that produced the best results. We PLAN on attending a few more shows such as IMTS Technology Show, Pack Expo, and others. We also PLAN on creating our own “mission trips” to places like New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Dallas to get in front of the right site selection consultants, companies, and media. We PLAN on doing more FAM tours here as well.
Closer to home, we PLAN on expanding the annual conference. We PLAN on participating and sponsoring other local economic development conferences because we believe that REGIONALISM isn’t just a concept, but a practice. We PLAN on having some “meet & greet” type of events throughout the region to give others more information on our organization; and we plan on doing a few more things that will be outlined in the Marketing Plan for FY 12-13 and reviewed at the next meeting.
The “hard work” can be very rewarding. It takes an entire organization to do what we do. Each of the members should be commended for their efforts to make this region a better place to live, work, play, and succeed in business, and life. There’s a little planning yet to be done, but a lot of “hard work” to come, so don’t go away. The fun is just about to begin.