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August 3, 2012 - Roofing, Hail Storms, and new projects



I started a new project this week at home. It’s one that has been put off since April. Some of you may have experienced the “hail storm of the decade” in McAllen on March 29, 2012. I wasn’t here during that storm. I was in Los Angeles exhibiting at the WESTEC Show. I came back the following evening only to find hail piled up about a foot high at the entrance to my home. My wife and family had been out of town as well, so the house took the beating all by itself. Needless to say, there was some damage and wood shake roofs aren’t fond of golf ball-sized hail. 
Well, the project is actually replacing the roof. I’m not doing the work, but I am watching as the roofing contractor and his guys work diligently to get us covered. Removal of a wood shake roof is messy to say the least. Splintered wood, rusty nails (yep, I stepped on a couple already, but no damage to foot), black paper, and everything else that comes with roof replacement has consumed my house. Work should be completed by tomorrow and already, I can see a difference in the amount of debris in my yard. The one thing I still worry about is the nails. Workers are doing their best to pick up everything (using magnets and their sight), but ultimately, some nails will still remain.
RSTEC is about to begin a new “project”. That project is to find someone to do what I have been doing for the past 22 months. For more on the job opening for RSTEC’s Executive Director, follow the link to the page I created on our website. Oh, and don’t worry, I’m like one of those nails in my yard – I’ll still be around even when you think all is back to normal! Hey, if you can’t joke with your friends and poke fun at yourself, then you aren’t going to be happy.   Most of you know that I accepted the position of Executive Director for the Harlingen EDC beginning late this month, but if you hadn’t heard, the story is here. I’ve enjoyed working with RSTEC and sincerely believe that economic regionalism is vital to the continued growth of our community. I look forward to changing hats and sitting on the Board of Directors of this organization, as the representative for Harlingen. RSTEC isn’t losing me, we are just changing hats. So, if you know someone who may be qualified to run RSTEC, and who loves the “Valley”, then encourage them to send their resume in before the end of August.
The Executive Committee met this week to discuss my resignation, the job opening, the transition plans, marketing plan, and budget for next year. We will have a full board meeting on Tuesday, August 14th. Details on time and place are forthcoming, so keep an eye on your emails and basecamp notifications. We may also have Hidalgo County make a presentation on their future drainage plans, and more.
Much of our work this week has been focused on the transition, but also on refining the marketing plan and budget. I will also be taking a trip with other TexasOne members to Chicago to meet with several site selection consultants to promote our region. Daniela continues to work on various marketing activities, and will begin working with MPC Studios on a new online and print media kit. Most of our members have begun working on budgets for next fiscal year as well, so remember to add RSTEC to your budget. Also, I would be glad to meet with you and/or your board to update your organization on RSTEC activities. 
I look forward to working with you on our new “project” and promise to not be the nail that is standing pointed-side up waiting to hurt your foot. Have a fantastic weekend!