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Become a Member of the Rio South Texas Economic Council


Fuel the efforts of RSTEC by becoming a member today.

Your financial engagement will put you at the forefront of deal making between companies from the United States, Mexico, and countries around the world that want to do business in our dynamic region. Our work on the global front includes mission trips abroad, regional familiarization tours for members and multipliers, and bi-national lead generation strategies. Gain access to decision makers, company executives, and global influencers with RSTEC.

Make talent pipeline development a priority to create your future workforce.

Identifying the needs of today and forecasting the demands of tomorrow originates with private business leaders like you who are hiring today and creating enterprises with a future perspective. By being a part of our family of members, you can benefit from our commitment to workforce development and enable our region to keep, attract, and grow a steady stream of highly skilled workers for businesses like yours.

Collaborate with public organizations to align missions and create real change.

Virtual online meeting

Come together as leaders from a variety of powerful enterprises and institutions to leverage the incredible assets, talents and connections we have in our region. As a private business leader, your peers in growing our economy are economic development directors, change makers, educators and industrialists. By joining the RSTEC family of members, you can become part of this strong network of diverse thoughts, perspectives and skills.

Work Smarter to Accomplish More Together.

RSTEC’s leadership enhances the investment attractiveness and prospecting effectiveness of the region by elevating economic development skillsets and FDI recruitment capabilities across the region via the “Building Blocks for Economic Development” workshop series. Join fellow board members, elected officials, public servants, and community leaders to discover and implement industry-proven strategies.

Steer the direction of RSTEC as an organizational member, with membership levels ranging from $1,250 to $20,000 per year.

This membership category is open to private sector companies, utilities, trade associations, governmental agencies and other public or non-profit entities. Higher contribution levels deliver additional ways to influence the regional economic outcomes of RSTEC.

Investment Level Annual Fee

Board Representation: Direct seat on the Board of Directors plus Committee Seats on the Budget Committee, Program of Work Committee, Membership Committee


Board Representation: Direct seat on the Board of Directors plus Committee Seats on the Budget Committee, Program of Work Committee


Board Representation: Two (2) shared representatives on the Board of Directors plus a Committee Seat on the Membership Committee


Board Representation: One (1) shared representative on the Board of Directors


No Board or Committee Representation


Other membership categories include Foundational Members and Institutional Members. If you are a public organization or economic development partner, please connect with us to discuss member benefits.